‘Lady Bird’s Lack Of Oscar Wins Did Not Sit Well With Fans


It was a relatively stacked pack at the Academy Awards this year, so some films were bound to go underappreciated. Not everyone can win, so it’s best not to stake your hopes and dreams on your favorite’s victory. And yet… there is still the pang that comes from defeat. This year’s big shutout happened to Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird, which garnered five major nominations with zero wins. While it’s nearly impossible to begrudge talented auteurs like Guillermo del Toro and Jordan Peele their victories, one would have hoped that one of the best-reviewed films in Rotten Tomato history would have gotten something.

Lady Bird‘s subtle yet effective performances and compassionate storytelling resonated with a lot of people, particularly with young women about how they relate to their mothers. It’s an often delicate and complicated bond, and Gerwig, along with actors Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf, managed to imbue that fraught relationship with believable, genuine emotion.

After the final Oscar was handed out, many took to Twitter to express their sadness over the apparent snub.

Ultimately, shouting into the void about golden statues is a futile and pointless gesture, but we do it each year all the same. Gerwig, Ronan, and Metcalf will surely be back at the Academy Awards in the future, so hopefully their hard work will be rewarded at a later date.