The ‘Late Night With The Devil’ Trailer Includes A ‘Brilliant’ Endorsement From Stephen King

Stephen King isn’t impressed by any ol’ horror movie. It need to be “brilliant” to get his attention. The trailer for Late Night with the Devil, which stars David Dastmalchian (The Suicide Squad, Oppenheimer) as the host of a fictional late-night talk show who unleashes evil during a special Halloween episode, includes an endorsement from King. The author called it “absolutely brilliant. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Your results may vary, as they say, but I urge you to watch it when you can.” Director Kevin Smith is also a fan, raving, “I love it. It’s Rosemary’s Baby meets Network.”

You can watch the trailer above. Here’s the official plot synopsis:

October 31, 1977. Johnny Carson rival Jack Delroy hosts a syndicated late night talk show ‘Night Owls’ that has long been a trusted companion to insomniacs around the country. A year after the tragic death of Jack’s wife, ratings have plummeted. Desperate to turn his fortunes around, Jack plans a Halloween special like no other, unaware that he is about to unleash evil into the living rooms of America.

Late Night with the Devil, which is directed by Colin Cairnes and Cameron Cairnes and also stars Laura Gordon, Ian Bliss, Ingrid Torelli, Fayssal Bazzi, and Rhys Auteri, hits theaters on March 22, followed by a streaming debut on Shudder on April 19.