This Leonardo DiCaprio Street Art Puts A Cherry On Top Of His Oscar Win

You did it, Leo! You nabbed the Oscar and can do with it what you please! No one can kinkshame you for what you and the P*ssy Posse (or is it The Wolf Pack?) want to do with that statuette. Not only that, but you’ve inspired an interesting bit of street art as well.

As you can see in the Instagram photo tucked at the top of this post, some anonymous (for now) soul has captured Leonardo DiCaprio’s Academy Awards triumph in mural form. Look at how happy Leo is! Maybe he’s thinking: “Time to coast De Niro style!” Or maybe he’s thinking: “No one knows there’s a treasure map hidden inside each trophy!” It’s Leo’s joy, but you get to project anything you want onto this handsome millionaire!

(Note: Please do not literally project things on the side of this building on La Brea Avenue without asking for permission first. You can’t just screen The Beach on the wall and be surprised if you get hassled over it.)

The mural seems to be a pro-Leo brand of inspirational wall art, but there’s also the possibility that it’s a dig at America’s obsession with the goals of celebrities. Who’s to say? Well, the artist is probably to say, but you get what we mean.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)