Letitia Wright Explains Why Moving From Plays To Billion-Dollar Marvel Movies Is ‘What’s Really In My Heart’

Letitia Wright has starred in three of the 14 highest-grossing movies ever; was nominated for an Emmy for her performance in Black Mirror; and won the Rising Star Award at the 72nd British Academy Film Awards, all before she turned 26 years old. She also appeared in a movie with Rihanna, the greatest accomplishment of all. Her star continues rise, as the Black Panther standout was cast on the spot by Steve McQueen for his new miniseries Small Axe, where she plays real-life Black Panther and activist Altheia Jones-LeCointe. Wright explained what it was like meeting her to Vanity Fair.

“I just became overwhelmed with honor and gratitude for her because she believed in something. Her and her friends believed in a better future for me,” she said. Wright also discussed why she enjoys going from the biggest movies in the planet, including the upcoming Death on the Nile and Black Panther 2, to smaller-scale theater productions:

“By God’s grace, the work that I’ve been doing has been able to be a reflection of what’s really in my spirit, what’s really in my heart. I don’t mind doing a big blockbuster Marvel movie and have it make a billion and then go do theater. Because I know that that story needs me just as much as that Marvel project did, or Black Mirror needs me just as much as that Marvel project did, or Eclipsed needed me just as much as Doctor Who needed me. I just try to be a vessel for each story and tell the truth.”

Small Axe premieres later this year.

(Via Vanity Fair)