Liam Neeson Says He’ll Keep Doing Action Movies Until It’s Definitely Too Ridiculous


Redaktionshinweis: Verwendung nur im Zusammenhang mit dem Film- bzw. DVD-Start! Keine Archivierung! +++ Liam Neeson als Bryan in dem Actionfilm

Liam Neeson is 66 years old. Is that really too long in the tooth for action? Hardly. Charles Bronson was 73 when he did his fifth and final Death Wish entry. Sylvester Stallone is making another Rambo, and he’s 72. And some perspective: Neeson is only a decade older than Tom Cruise, who will still nearly kills himself to entertain us on the regular. Still, Neeson has threatened to stop making action pictures before. But in a new interview with EW, he’s re-re-committing, saying he’ll keep doing them until it’s truly, unambiguously ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous, Neeson is currently doing the press rounds for Cold Pursuit, the movie the internet decided was an action version of the Simpsons episode in which Homer becomes Mr. Plow. It’s actually a remake of a Norweigan black comedy (which starred Stellan Skarsgard), helmed by the same director, so there’s a good chance it’s at least somewhat self-aware.

During the EW interview, in an exhcange highlighted by The A.V. Club, the conversation steered towards how Neeson mixes up serious pictures, like Schindler’s List and Kinsey, with gun-toting trash, like Taken or last year’s The Commuter — the latter the kind of movies he didn’t regularly start making, remember, until he was in his mid-50s. (Of course, he was running about in 1990’s Darkman years before he was a marquee name, and he held his own in 1995’s swordfight-heavy Rob Roy.)

Neeson does want to keep doing trash. “If I can intersperse them every now and then with a Ballad of Buster Scruggs or Martin Scorsese’s Silence, you couldn’t ask for a better career than that,” Neeson told EW. “I know myself. When I have to reach for the walker to go and beat up two guys, I’ll know: ‘No, Liam, the audience is really going to laugh this time.’”

So there you have it. You’ll be watching the voice of Aslan, the Jesus lion from the Narnia movies, punching and shooting people half, even thrice his age until he can literally no longer stand. And once Neeson can no longer work with auteurs who make movies about Blake Lively fighting sharks, we’ll simply have to settle for Scorsese pictures. Either way, long as he’s forever remembered by his former equine co-workers.

(Via EW and The A.V. Club)