Liam Neeson Will Not Be Messed With In The Clash Of Clans Super Bowl Ad

As it quickly approaches the 11 million view mark, there’s almost no chance that you missed the Clash of Clans commercial during yesterday’s Super Bowl XLIX broadcast. The spot features the star of the Taken franchise, Liam Neeson, doing what he’s done best while collecting paychecks over the last few years – grumbling threats at people who just don’t know how much he’s capable of making them pay. Naturally, the folks at Supercell were able to cover the $9 million that a 1-minute ad cost during this year’s Super Bowl, as well as Neeson’s asking price, due to CoC being the top-grossing app for both iOS and Android in 2014. That’s a lot of gem upgrades right there.

The important question, though, is whether or not Neeson actually plays CoC under the username AngryNeeson52. He was born in 1952, so it’s not like there are 51 other AngryNeeson usernames. Even more importantly, will Neeson join my clan? We’re stuck in a hell of a rut right now, so maybe a little intimidation will help.