It’s Still Not Safe In The Dark As A ‘Lights Out’ Sequel Is Coming

07.27.16 3 years ago

Somewhere along the way horror films drifted from the concept of inflicting psychological terror upon its audiences in lieu of simple jump scares and lots of gore. When I say lots of gore I mean LOTS of gore. That’s why when someone goes back to basics with horror it can be so refreshing. David Sandberg’s original short, Lights Out, felt refreshing in 2013 and this summer the feature-length of the same name has been scaring moviegoers enough to warrant demand for a sequel.

So if the idea of what goes bump in the night scaring the crap out of you is appealing, you can rejoice because New Line Cinema has seen the impressive box office numbers for the meagerly-budgeted horror film and ordered up a Lights Out 2. Lights Out, with only a $4 million budget has been able to produce a shocking $60 million at the box office thus far, which made the idea of pegging Sandberg and screenwriter Eric Heisserer for a sequel incredibly easy for the studio.

If any of the characters from the first film return is another question altogether, but details are still a bit sparse for this flashlight-filled thriller’s follow-up. Fans can rejoice, though, because for once it seems like Hollywood has given new talent a chance and are rewarding their success.

(Via The AV Club)

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