Seth Rogen Joins Kristen Bell And Kelsey Grammer On An Awkward Cruise In The First ‘Like Father’ Trailer

When it comes to original movies, Netflix’s don’t always get the best rap. Sure, critics and audiences generally loved Okja, while Beasts of No Nation set reviewers’ hearts aflutter but resulted in nothing from the Academy of Motion Pictures and other award-giving bodies. And then there’s Adam Sandler. So when Netflix released the first trailer for Like Father, a comedy written, directed and produced by Lauren Miller Rogen and starring her husband, Seth Rogen, alongside Kirsten Bell and Kelsey Grammer, you probably thought, “Oh great, another one of these.”

The thing is, Like Father actually looks kind of… good? The story, according to the press release, is enough to catch one’s attention:

When a workaholic young executive (Kristen Bell), is left at the altar, she ends up on her Caribbean honeymoon cruise with the last person she ever expected: her estranged and equally workaholic father (Kelsey Grammer). The two depart as strangers, but over the course of a few hilarious adventures, a couple of umbrella-clad cocktails and a whole lot of soul-searching, they return with a renewed appreciation for family and life.

Seeing Grammer return to his comedy routes (Cheers, Frasier) looks like enough to make Like Father worth a viewing. Judging by the trailer’s teases, however, it seems he and Bell’s chemistry as an estranged father-daughter duo just might work. Throw in Rogen as a scene-stealing supporting character ready to make the audience feel as awkward as inhumanly possible and eureka! Netflix just might have a hit on its hands.