Lindsay Lohan Visited Her Old House From ‘The Parent Trap’ And My How Things Have Changed

Can you believe it’s been almost 20 years since The Parent Trap came out? Yes, the film that basically launched Lindsay Lohan’s childhood career was released July 21, 1998, and boy has her career come a long way in those 18 years… Mean Girls, Herbie Fully Loaded, I Know Who Killed Me, The Canyons… Wait, what was I getting at now?

Anyway, over the weekend, Lohan took it back to where it all started by visiting the London-dwelling twin “Annie’s” house from the film. Here’s what it looked like back then, for comparison:

Of course the other twin in the movie, Hallie, lived in Napa Valley because the plot of The Parent Trap is super messed up, if you think about it. A divorcing couple is just going to split up their kids like a goddamn DVD collection and then move to opposite sides of the planet to not have to deal with one another ever again? Like, what judge would even agree to that? Unless they took it upon themselves to come up with that arrangement, in which case that’s a Child Protective Services situation, if you ask me.

So have fun getting nostalgic about your movie about terrible, borderline criminal parenting, I guess, that’s the takeaway here.

(Via BuzzFeed)