Adam Scott Is The Antichrist’s Stepfather In Netflix’s ‘Little Evil’ Trailer

We all do crazy things in our twenties. We stay out too late, we drink too much, we join doomsday cults and give birth to the Antichrist. Been there. That very relatable story is the premise of Little Evil, an upcoming Netflix horror-comedy (due out September 1) from Tucker and Dale vs Evil writer and director Eli Craig.

In the movie, Gary (played by Adam Scott) is having a hard time bonding with his wife Samantha’s (Evangeline Lilly) son, Lucas. He looks and dresses exactly like Damien from The Omen; sits too close to the television and talks through a goat puppet; and walks around with gigantic worms in his hands.

But unlike Turk from Scrubs (!), Gary doesn’t suspect anything evil about Lucas until Samantha drops her cult bombshell. Lucas isn’t just a dick, like all kids, he’s at the “top of the dick chain” (although his passion for setting clowns on fire is understandable). “One of the horror genres that always captivated me was the devil child movies of the ’70s and ’80s,” Craig told BuzzFeed. “Rosemary’s Baby, The Omen, Children of the Corn — I wanted to do a different take on that.” Man, children really are the worst.

In Little Evil, Adam Scott is a good guy surrounded by evil. But if you want to see him play a bad guy surrounded by good, check out The Good Place, which is on Netflix now.