The First Look At Hugh Jackman In ‘Logan’ Reveals An Aged, Scarred Wolverine

Logan, aka Wolverine 3, has been steadily teasing fans on Instagram with black and white images of severed limbs, creepy villains, and more. But one thing we haven’t seen, carefully hidden, is Wolverine’s look. James Mangold, the movie’s director, finally revealed what Old Man Logan looks like on Twitter and life has not been kind to the man who is the best he is at what he does.

The scars are probably the most arresting piece of this image. Wolverine, of course, has a healing factor and isn’t supposed to scar, but the movie explores an aging Wolverine slowly losing that ability and leaving him in constant, chronic pain, which he drinks to negate. And he also works as a chauffeur, which doesn’t really seem like a good career choice when you self-medicate with booze, but Logan has never claimed to be the best there is at making healthy life choices.

All joking aside, The Wolverine clearly longed for an R-rating and to be more a part of the tough-guy subgenre of the 1970s, where anti-heroes struggled with their failings as well as swarms of d-bags with guns. Clearly this is Mangold and Jackman’s shot at making the Wolverine movie they most want to, and we’ll find out how it works in March.

(via Twitter)