‘Logan’ Shows The Bloody Aftermath Of Fighting Wolverine In New Set Photos

Logan, formerly Wolverine 3, has broken cover from rumor and filled in a lot of gaps over the last few days. We’ve seen a poster that hints at Logan having a little girl to care for, a bunch of plot details have emerged, including a senile Professor X, and now we’re seeing more details from the movie come out via director James Mangold’s Instagram. Including one shot that shows off it really earns that R rating.

Logan is set a few decades in the future. Mutant births are declining for reasons nobody’s entirely clear on, Professor X is essentially waiting to die, and Logan himself is old with his healing factor in decline, chronic pain he medicates with booze, and a mysterious little girl he’s caring for. Of course, even old Wolvie is still dangerous, as we see in this first photo:

Yep, that’s a severed arm with a shotgun, labelled “Aftermath.” So whoever was running around with that gun has probably discovered even a drunken, aging Wolvie can still kick your ass. But the other shots are more intriguing, if less gory. The first seems to hint that the movie will be taking place, at least partially, somewhere in the Spanish speaking world, most likely Mexico:

If you’re wondering, the sign is a standard legal notice in Spanish, basically saying “No loitering.” And finally there’s this intriguing photo:

Wolvie staying in a cheesy motel is nothing new, but notice the reflection in the puddle. That may be the little girl Wolvie is caring for. Or possibly Louise Belcher. Hey, there have been stranger crossovers in the world of the X-Men. We’re likely going to see more from Logan very, very soon; it arrives in theaters this March, so expect a full trailer to arrive this Christmas, possibly in front of Doctor Strange.

(Via io9)