Wolverine Movie ‘Logan’ Drops Several First Look Photos

The director and cast of Logan, the third Wolverine movie, have been posting new photos on social media all month. It’s been awhile since we looked at what they were up to, and now we have a first look at the character The Office co-creator Stephen Merchant is playing, so this seems like a good time to round up several of the new photos and explain what they may mean for Logan.

First up, here are the first two photos of Merchant which seem to confirm he’s playing Caliban (who was just played by Tómas Lemarquis in X-Men: Apocalypse, because X-Men movies wouldn’t be X-Men movies if the continuity made any sense.)

In the comics, Caliban was introduced in 1981 as an albino who speaks in the third person, can sense the presence of any other mutants in a 25 mile radius, and can absorb and/or amplify other people’s fear. He’s also rumored to be helping Wolverine care for Professor X during their road trip. Considering both Wolverine and Professor X’s powers seem to be diminishing in this Old Man Logan storyline, having another mutant besides Professor X who can sense other mutants is especially helpful. Although it sounds like mutants are going to be hard to find…

As was rumored, mutant births are on the decline for reasons unknown. The mutants who remain are being kidnapped by a company attempting to weaponize them. Director James Mangold recently revealed which villain Boyd Holbrook is playing, and it would appear he may be doing the kidnapping:

That’s Donald Pierce, who was a mutant-killing cyborg and leader of the Reavers in more recent X-Men comics. He wasn’t in the Old Man Logan story, but he should fit right in.

It also seems like Mangold’s experience directing 3:10 to Yuma is coming in handy here, as producer Simon Kinberg has described the film “like a western in its tone.” Many of the other photos recently shared show off desolate locations in and around El Paso, Texas, with a tone that’s a mix of Western and post-apocalypse.

That last one is a boat advertisement, captioned “sunseeker” (a brand of yachts). Is Wolverine dreaming of buying a boat and sailing off into the sunset? Couldn’t blame him for wanting to retire, at this point.

(Via James Mangold, Stephen Merchant, and Hugh Jackman)