All The Questions The ‘Logan’ Trailer Left Unanswered

In case you missed it this morning, the first trailer to Logan, the final Wolverine movie, arrived. Hugh Jackman’s farewell to the role of Wolverine looks to be a substantial departure from the X-Men movies, especially with its R-rating and broken hero. And this trailer leaves us with a lot of questions about just how Wolverine got here.

Why Are Wolverine And Professor X In Hiding?

The trailer makes it fairly clear that Logan and Charles are not in good shape. Professor X barely has his marbles together, Wolverine has shaky hands and a chauffeur job, and the professor is living in a makeshift hospital Logan has hidden inside an old rusted-out water tank. Clearly they’re on the run, but the question, of course, is why.

What’s The Deal With Caliban?

We only get a brief glimpse of Merchant’s Caliban, wearing goggles and a face cover, but he seems to be particularly important, as his key power is sensing mutants. And if you poke around Logan‘s IMDb page, you will find one or two references to mutants, as well as a few blank spots in the cast list, notably Eriq LaSalle and Elise Neal. So perhaps despite what Logan thinks, there are still some mutants around.

Where’s The Rest Of The Team?

Likely related is the question of where the rest of the X-Men are. The trailer heavily implies that they’re dead, cutting to Logan drinking in a cemetery. If you pay attention, you can see a funeral going on in the background. It’s also implied that there aren’t that many mutants left in the first place, which seems likely to a driving element for the plot, not least because of several cyborgs we see in the trailer, members of the mutant-hunting Reavers. Still, that leaves a fairly crucial gap, namely how the Reavers got the authority to hunt mutants in the first place. Considering this story is based in part on the comic Old Man Logan — which depicts an aged Wolverine living in a wasted future — there might be a rather dark twist to that.

Who’s The Little Girl?

The big question, though, is just who the little girl in the trailer is. We have some suspicions, namely that she’s X-23, the female clone of Wolverine currently carrying on his mantle. That would line up with what we see in this trailer, namely her leaping off a building, and the IMDb page also reveals Zander Rice, a major character in X-23’s origin, is in the movie, played by Richard E. Grant. And there’s almost certainly somebody with claws, as you can see in the above image. We’ll get some answers to all these questions March 3rd.