Watch The Deleted Plotline You Never Knew Existed From ‘Love Actually’

Everyone’s seen Love Actually (because it’s delightful), but did you know that the beloved holiday classic had a whole extra story that got viciously cut in the editing process? It’s the tale of two women in love, and thanks to a little holiday magic, the deleted scenes (which are included on the DVD) are blowing up all over the internet today, reminding you that you don’t know everything about the film that launched a thousand spoofs.

The final cut of the film is decidedly heterosexual—contrary to Hugh Grant’s lines about love being all around, Entertainment Weekly reports—but it wasn’t always that way. In fact, the scenes that were cut feature a headmistress (connected to Emma Thompson’s character) and her dying partner.

Here’s what the film’s writer-director said of the deleted story:

“The idea was meant to be that you just casually met this very sort of stern headmistress,” Curtis said. “Later on in the film … we suddenly fell in with the headmistress and you realize however unlikely it seems, that any character you come across in life has their own complicated tale of love.”

It would have been great to see the entire thing play out on the big screen, but at least now that Buzzfeed’s unearthed the scenes and reminded the world of them, perhaps they’ll get the glory they deserve.