M. Night Shyamalan Confirms His Next Movie Will Be A Sequel To Two Of His Best Films

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04.26.17 4 Comments

M. Night Shyamalan’s surprise hit, Split, which came out in late January, is still playing in certain dollar theaters, and I wouldn’t want to ruin the film’s surprise ending. So, consider this your months-old Split spoiler: The final scene in the movie takes place in a diner, where, following a news report, a patron notes the similarities in crimes between “The Horde” (James McAvoy, as the titular split) and a certain wheelchair-bound supervillain. The camera pans to Bruce Willis, in character as David Dunn, who mutters, “Mr. Glass.”

That’s right: Split is a stealth sequel to Unbreakable.

“I do intend on making a final Unbreakable movie and I’m intending on doing it next,” Shyamalan told us earlier this year. “It’s the final movie of these two movies put together.” That was his plan — now it’s an actuality.

Shyamalan, whose greatest twist in a career full of them is transitioning from The Director of the Only Movie That Made Me Actively Furious While I Was Watching It (The Last Airbender) to successful indie auteur, announced his next project on Twitter. Glass is “the sequel to #Unbreakable AND #Split,” he wrote. “It was always my dream to have both films collide in this third film.”

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