‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Is Still A Wild Ride Without Any Special Effects

Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the most exhilarating action movies of all-time, largely because director George Miller mostly eschewed modern day CGI, special effects, and green screen in favor of sending real rusty metal contraptions hurtling across the Namibian desert. If you see something blow up or somebody do an impossible stunt in Fury Road, chances are it actually happened. At 70 miles per hour.

We’ve seen some of this behind-the-scenes footage before, but the folks at ESPORTS TV have edited it together into a slick package backed by that amazing pounding Junkie XL score. The result is a video that’s almost as exciting as the finished Mad Max: Fury Road, except it’s all real – no CGI or other enhancements of any kind. The crazy monster truck jumps? The incredible crashes? Tom Hardy riding strapped to the front of a car? The Doof Warrior blasting fire out of his guitar? Aside from some color correction and Miller’s mad scientist editing, you pretty much saw the real deal on screen.

So yeah, any aspiring filmmakers want to know how to make the next Mad Max: Fury Road? Apparently the secret is to just go completely insane with it. Good luck!