You’ll Love Margot Robbie Even More After Seeing What She Wore To The ‘Suicide Squad’ Premiere

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This week is the culmination of the Summer of Margot Robbie. DC’s Suicide Squad, which is expected to break all kinds of box office records, finally (finally) comes out on Friday, at which point we’ll be able to talk about the movie itself, and not all the disgusting things Jared Leto sent to his co-stars.

Last night, the bad guys and girls reunited at Suicide Squad‘s New York premiere, where director David Ayer yelled “f*ck Marvel” and Margot Robbie impressively managed to out-weird Leto. “Harley Quinn” walked the “black” carpet wearing a sequined Alexander McQueen gown… with an embroidered unicorn in the front. The elegantly trashy dress — which Harley would totally wear in the comics — is like every Lisa Frank dream came true at once.

I know Boomerang is a fan.

As is pretty much everyone else.

In related “Margot Robbie is the best” news, the actress told USA Today that her Harley voice in Suicide Squad is based on Lorraine Bracco’s in Goodfellas. Karen Hill is “nuts in some scenes, completely crazy, but it’s never a high-pitched crazy doll voice,” she said. “It comes from a very real deep primal place. My spectrum goes from Lorraine Bracco to animated Harley, and it’s just a roller coaster between those two throughout the film.”

Now I want to see Jared Leto as the Joker do Joe Pesci’s “how am I funny?” scene.

(Via USA Today)