Margot Robbie Once Did Pilates While Decked Out In Her Full ‘Barbie’ Hair And Costume

If Barbie looks like it was fun to shoot, then surprise: It was. Director/co-writer Greta Gerwig made sure to do things like hold cast sleepovers and install a slide for star Margot Robbie. Everyone got along so well that they even started a massive group chat which had to exclude Michael Cera because he’s smart enough not to own a smartphone. As for Robbie, she clearly had such a blast dressing up as one of the world’s most famous dolls that she once did Pilates while still wearing in her get-up.

“She was dressed up in one of the ‘Barbie’ outfits, full wig and everything,” David Higgins, Robbie’s longtime trainer, told Insider. “She jumps on the Reformer and we do a quick 30-minute express workout. She said, ‘Don’t make me sweaty!'”

Why did she risk ruining her perfect outfit? “She just needed to move, and that’s the beauty of Margot,” Higgins explained. “She knows her body so well. She knows what she needs to do and will sneak it in when she can. I was talking to her as she’s doing whatever she’s doing on the Reformer and I was like, ‘This is crazy.'”

Robbie, who Higgins says is “always up for everything,” also managed to win a small set record: She held a plank the longest out of the cast, lasting a whopping four minutes and 10 seconds. She beat Ryan Gosling, who lasted a good while: three minutes and two seconds. Ditto Hari Nef, who got two minutes and 15 seconds. She didn’t, however, beat Higgins, who lasted five minutes and 32 seconds.

Sylvester Stallone, to whom Gerwig paid homage in the film, would be impressed.

(Via Insider)