Mark Millar Threw Shade At ‘Iron Man 2,’ ‘Thor: The Dark World’ And Recent Spider-Man Movies

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of most of his work, but there’s no denying Mark Millar can sometimes be a refreshingly honest voice in the world of comics and superhero movies. The upcoming Captain America: Civil War will be based on Millar’s work, and he had a bit to say about the project, particularly the speculation that Spider-Man will be in the movie.

“It’s funny though, people always keep saying to me that you can’t do Civil War without Spider-Man, but in the comics he’s only in 6 pages.”

Millar generally seemed to be happy that Spidey was coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he isn’t ruling out the possibility that they could screw it up.

“What’s great about Spider-Man coming back, from someone who was baffled by the last two Spider-Man movies, is that this feels like Spider-Man coming home. It’s not like Marvel can do no wrong, I mean ‘Thor: The Dark World’ wasn’t very good and ‘Iron Man 2’ wasn’t very good, they have their misfires. But Spider-Man is the holy grail for them. And all eyes are on them now, so they have to bring their A-game to it.”

Of course, Millar didn’t zing any Fox-produced Marvel movies because he has a consultant role with the studio. He can be a bit selective with his honesty. If you’d like to spend a few minutes with Millar’s charming Scottish brogue, you can check out the full interview the Spider-Man quotes were pulled from below.

Via The Playlist