Martin Short And Steve Martin Recall The First Time They Met On ‘¡Three Amigos!’

In case you missed it, comedy legends Steve Martin and Martin Short dropped by The Tonight Show last night to promote their joint comedy tour, “An Evening You Will Forget.” While they were on the show, Jimmy Fallon took the opportunity to ask the old friends about when they first met, which was incredibly when they filmed ¡Three Amigos! back in 1985.

Or, May 4th, 1985, to be exact.

Somehow, in all the years of Steve Martin doing Saturday Night Live and Martin Short doing SCTV, the two had somehow never crossed paths until the day Short walked into Martin’s old house for a meeting about the film. Short described his first impression of his costar: “And I remember I walked in, and it was like, so beautiful… and there were Picassos on the wall, Hoppers, and I said to him, ‘How did you get that rich? Because I’ve seen your work.'”

Of course, cut to 30 years later and the two are like an old married couple at this point. Just how close are they? Short explained that, as well. “We are very close friends, we’ve been very, very close. We’re closer than Putin and Trump, I mean we– no, we’re like Donnie and Marie, without the sexual tension … we’re like Ellen Degeneres and a vest. We’re very close.”