A Legendary And Ultra-Rare Marvel Comic Just Sold To A Mystery Buyer For So, So Much Money

A super-rare edition of Marvel Comics #1, the first Marvel book to ever be printed, just sold at auction for a whopping $2.4 million, a slight increase in value from its original sale price in 1939: 10 cents. The comic, which features the first appearances of classic characters like the original Human Torch and Sub-Mariner, is a particularly unique find not just because of its age and collectibility, but for the extra notes handwritten in the issue. The “extremely passionate” mystery buyer, whose identity has yet to be revealed, clearly knew his Marvel history and had the millions to pay for it.

Via Associated Press:

The very well-preserved “pay copy” is especially sought-after because it bears the publisher’s handwritten notes recording how much each writer and artist was paid.

“It’s an incredibly important look into the world and behind the scenes of the creation” of a comics powerhouse, [ComicConnect COO Vincent] Zurzolo said.

You can see the cover of the ultra-rare Marvel Comics #1 below:

Marvel Comics #1
Marvel Comics

As we now know, Marvel Comics would become one of the biggest names in comics along with its fierce competitor DC Comics. Known as the Big Two, the companies were cutthroat rivals who shamelessly copied each other, poached talents, and basically did everything possible to dominate comic book sales. Now, they’re both media empires churning out cinematic hits like Spider-Man: No Way Home and The Batman.

And to think it all started for Marvel with a guy who could light himself on fire at will and a dude who was super good at swimming. Later, they’d both fight against Hitler, as was the fashion at the time.

(Via Associated Press)