Rascals On The Internet Are Having A Lot Of Fun With The Rollout For ’Marvel’s Eternals’

Marvel’s Eternals is the latest Disney film getting some big buzz as people begin to return to theaters during the still-ongoing pandemic. The latest foray into the expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has plenty of fans excited, as the Titan-like stars of the film are expected to usher in a new era of the superhero canon. But as the days tick down until Eternals hits theaters, an undercurrent of skepticism about the project seems to be creeping up across some portions of social media.

The characters in Eternals are beloved to some, sure. But to a larger movie-going audience inundated with superhero movies in recent years, it seems this particular crop has drawn more ire than most ahead of its November release. There’s been a lot of fun had simply in making memes based on the names like “Kingo,” “Sprite,” and “Druig.”

The concept of the all-powerful Eternals staying hands-off during all the in-canon crises of the past, including a fraction of the Earth’s entire population disappearing, seems to be a sticking point as well.


In particular, the title cards introducing the main characters drew particular focus from some people online as promotional materials for the film hit social media.

A number of people seemed to think these names were actually fake.

Sprite was a target of some branding skepticism as well.



Kingo has become the basis of a number of memes in recent days.

There’s also this very solid CGI joke, too.


The movie is certainly getting buzz here, though not all buzz is positive buzz. Marvel fans that know what they’re likely getting early next month certainly seem hyped about what’s ahead. But it’s safe to say a non-so-quiet section of social media will take some convincing here, to say the least.