Lana Wachowski Will ‘Change The Industry Again’ With ‘The Matrix 4,’ According To One Of The Film’s Stars

The Wachowskis “changed cinema forever,” “changed movies forever,” “changed Hollywood,” “changed sci-fi,” “changed movie action forever,” and “changed everything” with The Matrix. Can Lana (Lily is not involved) do it again? Jessica Henwick thinks so.

The actress, best known for playing Nymeria Sand on Game of Thrones, was recently asked about The Matrix 4 and working with director and writer Lana Wachowski, who she thinks is going to “change the industry again” with the Keanu Reeves-starring film.

“There are definitely moments on set where Yahya [Abdul-Mateen II] and I look at each other and we just go, ‘Matrix 4.’ Those pinch me moments,” Henwick told Comic Book. “Lana is doing some really interesting things on a technical level in the same way that you know, she created a style back then. I think she’s going to change the industry again with this film. There’s some camera rigs that I’ve never seen before that we’re using.”

Even if The Matrix 4 isn’t a game changer, it’s an sci-fi-action movie from Lana Wachowski that reunites Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Jada Pinkett Smith, and adds Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, King George III from Hamilton, and Priyanka Chopra to the cast. That is something I would like to see (and hopefully will see on December 22, 2021).

(Via Comic Book)