Matt Damon Says His Daughter Won’t Watch ‘Good Will Hunting’ Because She’s Worried It ‘Might Be Good’

How does one watch a movie when it stars one (or more) of your parents? It’s something the spawn of big stars have to deal with. For Matt Damon’s 15-year-old daughter, the solution is simple: She only watches the ones she thinks are bad so she can give her old man a hard time. That’s why, the actor recently revealed, she’s never seen the film that made him a name: the 1997 hit dram Good Will Hunting.

“She doesn’t want to see any movies that I’m in that she thinks might be good. She just likes to give me s*it,” Damon told CBS Sunday Morning while promoting Stillwater, the drama-thriller that just debuted at the Cannes Film Festival. So while she “refuses” to watch the one where he’s a reluctant genius who gets therapy with Robin Williams, she will watch one of his bigger bombs, from 2016.

“My daughter said, ‘Hey remember that movie you did, The Wall?’ I said, ‘It was called The Great Wall.’ She goes, ‘Dad, there was nothing great about that movie,’” he said, adding, “She keeps my feet firmly on the ground.” (That said, both are arguably a little hard on The Great Wall, an enjoyably silly yet handsome alien invasion movie made by master Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou.)

Damon didn’t just become a big star with Good Will Hunting. It won him and Ben Affleck Oscars for Best Original Screenplay. (Robin Williams, meanwhile, won for Best Supporting Actor.) It’s arguably the reason he’s a name at all. Its merits may have always been in question, but at least that “apples” scene is pretty darn good.

(Via EW)