Matt Damon Reacts To Sexually Explicit Tweets About His Ponytail

Matt Damon recently wrapped filming The Great Wall in China, a film in which he plays a character with long hair, which in turn required him to wear hair extensions. During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show last week, Damon says that he was not a fan of wearing the hair extensions, and that he now has a greater appreciation for what his wife and daughter have to go through. (Really, dude. It’s not that bad.)

While Damon may not have been a fan of his extensions, his female fans told a different story, some of whom shared some very graphic and borderline inappropriate sentiments on Twitter, which host Graham Norton was all too happy to share. I don’t know, is telling a married man that you will “use his ponytail to steer while he dines upon your lady sandwich” inappropriate? All relative in the lady sandwich of the beholder, I suppose.

(Via Mashable)