A Bongo-Wearing Matthew McConaughey Fired Up Fans Before His Soccer Team’s First Home Game

Amidst all of the talk about Matthew McConaughey maybe running for governor of Texas, and the recent release of his memoir, it’s easy to forget that he’s part-owner of a soccer team. So on Saturday, he reminded the world in the most Matthew McConaughey way possible.

While wearing his trademark bongo around his neck like a giant percussion medallion, a green-suited McConaughey fired up the crowd at the first home game for his Major League Soccer team, Austin FC. You can see video of a very amped McConaughey below, and if you’re curious about what he’s yelling, it’s the team chant of “Verde! Listos!”

Much like his flirting with gubernatorial politics, McConaughey’s part ownership of Austin FC is all about establishing his “legacy.” Ahead of the season opener, he explained to the Austin NBC-affiliate KXAN News his reasoning behind buying into the team back in 2019:

“I’m investing my time, money and self into things now that are legacy choices. Things that I want to build in the long run, that I want to have alive when I’m on my death bed… that I want to hand off to my children that they can hand off to their children, stuff that will outlive me, that’s what I’m trying to put my time into now,” McConaughey said.

Of course, McConaughey is upfront that he’s always been a big fan of the team, but he doesn’t think that will impact his business decisions, or more importantly, his bongo-playing. “I’m not switching hats, I can make business decisions with my green headband while I’m beating my drum as well,” he said back in April and has clearly lived up to that promise.

(Via ESPN FC on Twitter, KXAN News on Twitter)