Matthew McConaughey Doesn’t Want To Fight The Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is casting right now, which means it’s time for all sorts of fun rumors and speculation. Like, for example, what role Pom Klementieff (cue Korath) has in the movie. And, also, who could possibly fill Matthew McConaughey’s leather chaps in the villain role now that he’s passed on the job.

The word comes from Variety that McConaughey was offered the role by Marvel, but he wasn’t interested in going up against Chris Pratt and the team. Which is a shame, because McConaughey would have a decent chance at winning that dance-off. The rumors about why he passed are unclear, but Marvel, being Marvel, probably tried to sign him to a long contract. And it’s not like McConaughey has any shortage of jobs these days: He’s got two live-action movies coming next year, and, according to the IMDb, he’s lending his signature drawl to two cartoons, as well.

Perhaps it’s for the best. If McConaughey and Pratt went head to head in a battle of pelvic sorcery, the real losers would be all the first dates ruined by being unable to live up to that impossible standard. Besides, we all know McConaughey’s real comic book destiny lies in playing Hal Jordan. Come on, DC. Make it happen.

(Via The Playlist, The Hollywood Reporter, and Variety)