Matthew McConaughey Is The Ultimate Storyteller In This Delightful Supercut

Matthew McConaughey could probably read the ingredients off of a shampoo bottle and make them sound like the greatest story ever told. He could read a homeowners’ association’s newsletter and bring a tear to your jerk neighbor’s eye describing the way someone’s mailbox is violating community expectations. He could read a post off the front page of Upworthy and actually restore your faith in humanity. Everyone’s favorite Wild Turkey spokesperson has a wonderful habit of telling stories in his films, and the way he talks is simply magnetic and captivating, even when the movie might be a stinky diaper. (Cough, Tiptoes, cough.)

This supercut proves that point rather mightily, taking McConaughey’s greatest on-screen storytelling moments — from his critically-acclaimed performance in True Detective to the wildly underrated Reign of Fire — and turning them into one long tale of life and adventure. Hell, if you’ve never even seen one of McConaughey’s films, you could watch this mashup and probably think that it’s a ripping good yarn. It just might be slightly confusing at times.

My only complaint is that Dallas from Magic Mike is absent. That man sang his stories, damn it. It’s bad enough he wasn’t in Magic Mike XXL, so let’s not make this mistake again.