Emilia Clarke Leaves Dragons And Terminators Behind In The ‘Me Before You’ Trailer

English actress Emilia Clarke has captured the hearts of millions (sometimes literally) as the fearless Daenerys Targaryen on HBO’s fantasy smash Game of Thrones, and retained her edge of toughness for her high-profile role as Sarah Connor in last year’s Terminator: Genisys. Even though she’s made a name for herself on heroines forged from steel, Clarke has still inspired romantic rapture among fans and become something of a sex symbol. (There was reportedly a full-blown disturbance at Clarke’s opening night performance of Breakfast at Tiffany‘s due to audience members indiscreetly snapping photographs of the partially undressed star.)

Clarke will soon be seen in the new romance Me Before You, scheduled for a release on June 3. In the new trailer embedded above, she plays a rudderless temp worker who stumbles into a gig caring for a handsome, wealthy man (Sam Claflin) bound to a wheelchair. They fall in love, of course, and learn more about themselves in the process than they ever thought possible. But between the differences in their backgrounds and his rapidly deteriorating health, expectedly tragic forces conspire to tear them apart. Based on Jojo Moyes’ bestselling novel and with direction from theater veteran Thea Sharrock, it has the look of a soft-around-the-edges romance designed to appeal to viewers who have a taste for the simple escapism of an airport-paperback romance.

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