Mel Gibson Was Almost In The Marvel Cinematic Universe…As A Dad

Marvel is pretty much an unstoppable movie-making machine at this point, and it continues to attract top talent to their films. Everyone wants a piece of that superhero money, and the films continue to be pretty good to boot. However, not everyone is ready to jump aboard that capes and lycra train. In a recent interview at Cannes with The Guardian, Mel Gibson (remember that guy?) weighed in on the rise of the superhero film while promoting his new movie, Blood Father. Honestly, he’s got a point?

“Some are good. Some are kind of funny … Guardians of the Galaxy. Or the first Iron Man. And some of them are just like retreats. I mean you can watch them do Spider-Man five times … There is a slight shift in film. But, then again, I think all films are suffering from people not being able to now open them with their name. It’s a different kind of business these days.”

When Gibson was at his leading man height, it certain was a different game. Nowadays, most action films are franchise-based, remakes, or built on existing characters, instead of building solely off the star power of actors like Gibson. He continued, explaining that he misses the way things used to be (when he was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood).

“Yeah, in a way. I think you used to get more variety of stories, films and performances. You had more of a chance of a profound film experience. But that’s not gone. I think that has been relegated to the independent world – but they have to do it twice as fast for half the money.”

Gibson also revealed that he was offered the role of Odin in Thor, but turned it down. Odin, who was played by Anthony Hopkins in both Asgardian installments, isn’t exactly a huge part, but it may have been able to revitalize Gibson’s recently lagging career a bit. It certainly worked out well for Robert Downey, Jr.

(Via The Guardian)