Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone Are Teaming Up Once Again For The New Comedy ‘Life Of The Party’

04.09.16 3 years ago


Get ready for Melissa McCarthy and Ben Flacone to be The Life of the Party, as if they weren’t already. The husband and wife duo who write and produce together have set up a new movie of that name at New Line, where they will continue conquering the world and the box office with humor. If you aren’t familiar with either McCarthy or Falcone you’ve probably been living under a comedy-repelling rock for a few years but the pair have previously made a ton of money on Tammy together and appeared as a twisted couple in the critically acclaimed romp Bridesmaids.

There are few to zero details about the story for Life of the Party, except that it has some similarities to Rodney Dangerfield’s Back to School. For those uninitiated into the hilarity that is Back to School, it consists of Dangerfield’s character enrolling in college alongside his son. Shenanigans of course ensue. So it only makes sense that McCarthy will be the one engaging in said shenanigans this time around, but in what setting? Still college, or would it take place in a high school 21 Jump Street style? Whatever the crux of the premise, everyone can rest assured that McCarthy will provide the laughs while Falcone provides great direction for her physical comedy. Honestly, we’re still waiting for the big-screen adaptation of Smooshed. 

(via Variety)

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