‘I’m Frickin’ Batman’: Michael Keaton Releases A Presidential Endorsement Video Like No Other

With Pennsylvania continuing to be a tense battleground state in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election, Michael Keaton felt compelled to film a special endorsement directed at his home state, and he brought out the big guns to do it.

In the ad endorsing Democratic candidate Joe Biden, Keaton introduces himself by his full name of Michael Keaton Douglas and reveals that he grew up in a small Western PA mill town just outside of Pittsburgh. However, the actor is keenly aware that average folks aren’t exactly itching to listen to Hollywood celebrities, and he certainly doesn’t blame them for that, but he makes a very compelling argument: “Let’s be honest, I’m frickin’ Batman.” From there, Keaton highlights Donald Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus response as he goes on to prop up Biden, who’s also a PA native, as a decent, honest man who can “right the ship.”

As for his decision to make a rare political endorsement, Keaton told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 that, “All bets are off. This is too important, this election.” In an interview with the the local station, he again stressed a need to listen to the experts, which has been sorely missing during the pandemic. “Really listen to scientists, really listen to teachers. Really listen to people who know more than I know,” Keaton said. “But if I can do anything, I feel it’s my responsibility to do a little something.”

The Biden endorsement also popped up on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live where Keaton was asked who is the best Batman ever, and the Mr. Mom actor didn’t even hesitate when it came time to answer. “Me,” he said without a shred of doubt.

(Via Pittsburgh’s Action News 4)