Branding Gone Wild: Would You Buy This ‘Minions’ Tampon?

If you spend as much time searching the discount DVD bin for that elusive copy of Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe’s War in Target as I do, then you know the big-box store has turned into Minions Central. Those talking Twinkies are everywhere and on everything, including shoes, shirts, backpacks, toys, toothbrushes, cookie jars, Tic-Tacs, cereal boxes, and pillows. Target does draw the line on slapping the little corn cobs on one product, though: tampons. Unlike Kotex.

The translated text reads, “We’re ready for the movie! And you, who you bring along to the premiere?” Probably no one, because no one wants to hang out with someone who puts a Minion inside them. The same goes for wrapping a Minion around your you-know-what.

I’m too terrified to see if that exists. (It probably does.)

(H/T @broderick)