Miss Lippy From ‘Billy Madison’ Had Her Own Bobblehead Giveaway At A Minor League Baseball Game

If you ask anyone to name their favorite Adam Sandler movie, odds are Billy Madison will get named more than anything else. It’s such a silly movie with some characters who are unforgettable. Take, for instance, Miss Lippy, Billy’s first grade teacher who enjoyed driving a green car, doing interpretive dances while all the students were at recess, and reading stories about puppies who lost their way. She’s a minor character, but everyone loved her because she was insane in a lovable way.

Dina Platias, the actress who plays Miss Lippy, has been in a few other movies, but she’s most well-known for playing Billy’s eccentric first grade teacher. In fact, she’s so well-known for the role that a minor league baseball team gave away Miss Lippy bobbleheads on Saturday night. The Akron RubberDucks – the Double-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians – held a promotion in which the first 1,000 fans in attendance for the team’s game against the Richmond Flying Squirrels received a bobblehead. Even better, Platias was in attendance for the game, so some fans may have gotten Miss Lippy bobbleheads from Miss Lippy herself.

We apologize for making the most obvious joke in the history of the internet, but this promotion is pretty quacktastic.