People In Poland Are Livid That ‘Mission Impossible 7’ Wants To Blow Up A Bridge Some Consider A National Monument

Hollywood blockbusters can’t be stopped from production for too long, it seems, even as theaters struggle to know exactly when they can bring them to audiences in the largest U.S. cities. Jurassic World: Dominion resumed in the U.K. about a month ago, and we should have known that nothing can prevent Tom Cruise from performing daring stunts longer than necessary for the Mission: Impossible franchise. What’s on the menu? Well, he’s throwing out Fallout vibes by hurling himself out of a helicopter again, as seen in photos published by the Daily Mail. Business as usual is on again for the Cruise!

Meanwhile, the M:I 7 production is stirring up controversy elsewhere in Europe. According to a report from The Independent, the film is planning to film a stunt at Poland’s Lake Pilchowickie that isn’t going over well. Locals fear that the production aims to “blow up” a century-old suspension bridge that’s beloved by locals, who want it to be declared as a national monument. However, the bridge was actually decommissioned in 2016, and Deputy Culture Minister Pawel Lewandowski issued a statement about “only a small part” of the bridge being on the table for the production. He also appears to be signaling that stunts are about to be afoot with these words:

”I would not be fixated on the fact that the Pilchowicki Bridge is a monument. It stands in ruins and has no value. Not all old things are monuments. The law clearly states that a monument is only that which has social, artistic or scientific value. In art and culture, that value only emerges when there is a relation between the cultural object and people. So if an object is unused, unavailable, it has no such value. Therefore it is not a monument.”

It must be noted that the plans to film this stunt at the Pilchowicki Bridge haven’t been fully confirmed by the M:I 7 production, even though the argument has grown heated for both locals who wish to preserve the structure and those who think it’s nothing to fuss about. However and if the story is true, then maybe a Tom Cruise film should choose CGI at least in this one instance, if for nothing else at all.

Lewandowski also maintains that the shoot will bring more public attention to Poland, which could help with tourism and such, but it doesn’t seem like tourism is too hopping these days, so that might be a moot point. The stunts must go on, somewhere, but Cruise can probably satisfy those urges in any number of ways. I wouldn’t even put it past the daredevil actor to want to jump out of the International Space Station in his upcoming space movie (like the rebooted Magnum P.I. pretended to do) at some point. That’s probably not doable, but one can dream.

(Via Daily Mail & The Independent)