Morena Baccarin Will Be Ryan Reynolds’ Love Interest In ‘Deadpool’

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You’ve probably seen Morena Baccarin being awesome in Firefly, Homeland, and Gotham, but have you seen Morena Baccarin being awesome while loving up on a deformed, sarcastic mutant? What, like I’m the only one with that written in a dream journal?

Following up on the news that Gina Carano and T.J. Miller have been cast in Deadpool and Colossus will also appear (although he’ll be played by a new actor, according to Daniel Cudmore), we now have news of the female lead. THR says Morena Baccarin will play the lead, who “grapples with falling for a man with a hideously scarred face.” Oh honey, we’ve all been there. He’s a classic butterface, but girl look at that body.