Other Classic Movies The Rock And Kevin Hart Could Remake After ‘Jumanji’

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04.17.16 2 Comments

With word that The Rock and Kevin Hart might be teaming up again to take on Jumanji together, that reboot goes from a horrible idea to passable. Why? Because The Rock can make anything great — even Subway sandwiches — and Kevin Hart is funny enough to carry the comedy portions of any film. You don’t think hes funny, check out both of his appearances on Conan. He might seem like he’s soft and he might not be a darling like Patton Oswalt, but the man is funny.

If these two powerhouses of entertainment can make Jumanji something people would want to see in the wake of Robin Williams’ untimely passing, what other films could they take on? What other movies are big enough and ripe enough for a remake. What projects can these two knock off the original pairings and make us forget all about what they’ve done in the past.

To do these, we’ve amassed some hastily created and poorly constructed Photoshop images that place The Rock and Hart in a variety of stories that should be well suited for their talents. You might agree, you might disagree, or you might just think that each image was put together by an invalid. And maybe they were.

Get me The Rock, Kevin Hart, and several odd looking wigs. I’ll get you a hit movie:

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