The Rock And Kevin Hart Might Be Hopping Aboard The ‘Jumanji’ Reboot

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What space does the 1995 Robin Williams adventure-comedy Jumanji hold in your soul? Is it something you treasure as a beloved family-friendly masterpiece or do you consider it a loathsome piece of 90s special effects nonsense? Toss that question out at any pub where 20somethings gather and watch the fistfights fly! Your average Jumanji mega-fan may have cringed at the prospect of the planned reboot, but maybe they’ll be won over by news that The Rock and Kevin Hart are said to be circling around the project.

It almost makes too much sense, doesn’t it? Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart to star in magic board game movie” is something movie studios would serve up human sacrifices to get made and Variety reports that it won’t take that sort of thing to make happen. The pair, who will share the big screen in the upcoming buddy comedy Central Intelligence, are in early talks to join the motion picture which will be directed by Sex Tape helmer Jake Kasden. Variety‘s sources claim things are progressing towards a deal.

The biggest obstacle in officially locking the pair in is likely the jampacked schedules Johnson and Hart have to their name. As we all know, it’s illegal for one of those two charmers not to appear in every fifth movie Hollywood trots out. It’s simply not done. As a result, Johnson still has Rampage, Fast 8, and Ballers among the items on his plate, while Hart has projects like The Intouchables to juggle. Accepting work at a relaxed pace isn’t either guy’s style, so they might be able to find daylight in a schedule that would send any sane person scrambling for a vacation.

Principal photography is earmarked to begin this August with the current release date penciled in for July 28, 2017.

(Via Variety)

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