Disney+ Has Revealed When ‘Mulan’ Will Become Available To Subscribers After Its Pricey Premiere Run

We’re living in unprecedented times, if you haven’t noticed, and Hollywood is still trying to figure out how to cope in a world where theaters are only partially open. In another timeline, Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan, their animated favorite from 1998, would have hit theaters nationwide in late March. That, of course, did not happen. Instead its owners came up with a unique solution: The pricey picture would debut on Disney+ on September 4, but for the fairly large sum of $30.

But that brought up another question: When would it be subsumed into the rest of the Disney+ coffers, available to all subscribers? As per Deadline, there’s now an answer for that: At 11:59pm on November 3, Mulan will disappear from the service, to return a month later. So: Decemer-ish.

To answer another question: Once you pay the enormous fee to watch Mulan, which you’ll be able to do for two whole months, how long and how often will you be able to watch it? Indefinitely, as per Deadline, allowing viewers to really get a bang for their considerable bucks. (Most PVOD titles disappear after a mere 48-hour window.) So that’s nice…considering you’re not turned off by the re-emerging controversy surrounding its lead actress Liu Yifei, who enraged many after she sided with the Hong Kong police over the protesters fighting to not have their human rights taken away from them by Mainland China.

(Via Deadline)

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