Adam Sandler And Jennifer Aniston Are Framed For Murder In Netflix’s ‘Murder Mystery’ Trailer

In his latest Netflix movie, Adam Sandler has re-teamed with his Just Go with It co-star Jennifer Aniston for a Murder Mystery. The pair, who play married couple Nick and Audrey Spitz, are invited to a fancy gathering on a yacht during a long-awaited European vacation; murder (and presumably hijinks) ensue. The high-concept comedy directed by Kyle Newacheck was shot in Italy — not one of the usual Happy Madison haunts, like a water park in Long Island — where Sandler and Aniston hung out and ate dinner with George Clooney and Bono.

“They made us homemade pizza, had an amazing time, I sat next to Bono,” Sandler said on Friday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Every time I’m with Jennifer, something great happens because everybody loves Jennifer. I tend to stay at home and do nothing, and my wife is so much going, ‘Why didn’t I marry Aniston? Why am I stuck with you, man?’ Even in Italy, she’s like, ‘You gotta leave the room, man.’” I hope Grown-Ups 3 is about Sandler, Aniston, Clooney, and Bono eating Italian food. Or maybe a travel show? Get on that, Netflix.

Here’s the official plot summary:

When an NYC cop (Adam Sandler) finally takes his wife (Jennifer Aniston) on a long-promised European trip, a chance meeting on the flight gets them invited to an intimate family gathering on the Super Yacht of elderly billionaire Malcolm Quince. When Quince is murdered, they become the prime suspects in a modern day whodunit.

Murder Mystery premieres on Netflix on June 14.