Natalie Dormer Outed Herself As A Fan Of A Prominent ‘Hunger Games’ Fan Theory

Good news, Hunger Games fans. Natalie Dormer is offering credence to a theory (which originated on Reddit) that has been held by fans for some time. The actress, who portrays Cressida in the two Hunger Games: Mockingjay films, plays the kickass documentarian of Suzanne Collins’ series. She’s still better known for her role as Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones, but the Mockingjay press tours are currently dominating the Dormer press circuit.

While speaking to Huffington Post, Dormer was coy about siding her allegiance with Team Peeta or Team Gale and said, “That’s an impossible question. It depends on the day.” However, Dormer was less of a tease when asked about a long-standing theory that The Hunger Games takes place in a world where the Revolutionary War was won by England. Dormer was quick to offer her perspective on this theory:

“Every great writer draws on history for inspiration. George R.R. Martin is very informed about Rome and medieval Britain, and that obviously formed his writing of Game of Thrones.  I believe Collins’ father was a historical lecturer to do with war. So she’s aware of these references. I think all great writers know their history, to be honest. History and storytelling repeats itself.”

Indeed, many readers and critics of the Hunger Games series have viewed Collins’ books as political allegory. This theory, while a bit more far fetched, only lends credence to the series’ influence beyond the realm of young-adult literature.

(Via Huffington Post & Reddit)