‘Game of Thrones’ Director Neil Marshall Wants To Make A ‘Black Widow’ Movie

At this point I think we’re all sort of confused why, other than Scarlett Johansson currently being pregnant, there isn’t a Black Widow movie already filming. Everyone’s familiar with the character by now and everyone thinks it would be a great “female led” superhero movie, including Game of Thrones and Centurion director Neil Marshall.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Marshall said he’d definitely love to direct a “female superhero movie,” but more specifically:

I would love to do a Black Widow movie. That’s perfect, I would love to do that. That character is really interesting, she doesn’t have any superpowers, she just has extraordinary skills, and the world that she comes from, being this ex-K.G.B. assassin, I find that really fascinating, yeah.

He also stated that he prefers the non-superpowered heroes.

I’m less interested in people with superpowers because I can’t identify with them. Very rarely do they get killed off, and when they do get killed off, chances are they’re going to be back . . . somehow. Yes, I’d love to do a big splashy movie with a great female lead, but it has to be someone I can believe in.

Guardians of the Galaxy writer Nicole Perlman says she wrote a treatment for a Black Widow movie four years ago, and right now’s the time to get her to write another mega-blockbuster. Directors are volunteering. There’s no reason to think Scarlett Johansson wouldn’t want to reprise the role she helped popularize. And even Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has said that a female-led movie is in development.

At this point, can it really just be that they don’t want to pay Johansson the money she deserves? Do they really think a Black Widow movie would underperform the other Marvel movies and they’d lose money somehow? It’s getting embarrassing, Marvel.