‘Magic Mike,’ ‘Sausage Party,’ And More Are Coming To Netflix In February 2017

01.24.17 2 years ago 6 Comments

If you’ve every felt awkward about using Magic Mike and Sausage Party in the same sentence, never fear for Netflix will give you a perfect excuse for doing just that in February. The streaming service just released its monthly list of new titles, release dates for original programming, and the dreaded chopping block. Many popular options, like Channing Tatum’s stripper odyssey and Seth Rogen’s animated look into the lives of foodstuffs, are obvious choices. Yet there’s also plenty of family-friendly material like Disney’s Finding Dory, or binge-watching fodder like the hit FX series American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. Hell, there’s even a Valentine’s Day comedy special featuring Michael Bolton.

Magic Mike (2/1)

Beyond strutting his stuff in one of the film’s more popular scenes, Matthew McConaughey also gets to showcase his Oscar-winning abilities in the 2012 male stripper odyssey directed by Steven Soderbergh and inspired by star Channing Tatum’s own experiences. Magic Mike follows the daily and nightly travails of Mike (Tatum) and his protege, the Kid (Alex Pettyfer), as they attempt to navigate the fantasy world of the male revue and the real world outside it.

Sausage Party (2/23)

Beyond doubling as an alternate title for Magic Mike, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s 2016 animated comedy details the daily lives of grocery store foods and their attempts to reach the “Great Beyond.” However, as the R-rated CGI comedy’s central characters soon discover, what they assumed was nirvana is actually the mouths and stomachs of the human beings who purchase them for consumption. Sausage Party features an impressive voice cast… and a massive orgy at the very end.

American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson (2/2)

To say that Ryan Murphy’s post-American Horror Story anthology series, American Crime Story, was a success would be a vast understatement. The first season of the acclaimed show honed in on the wildly influential O.J. Simpson murder trial, which paved the way for how the media would cover (and sometimes sensationalize) such incidents in future cases. It was both a massive ratings success for FX and garnered its stars many awards, giving Netflix another excellent binge-watch.

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