Netflix Has Invaded Our Love Lives And The Streaming Service Has The Stats To Prove It

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Can you untangle Netflix from your love life? The streaming giant has revealed some intriguing stats that show how we factor Netflix into our romances. None of these stats cover what happens if you try to a show your main squeeze the service’s Corey Feldman horror series Splattered, but we presume you can draw your own conclusions.

Emerging right in that Valentine’s Day build-up sweet spot, Netflix has showcased the results of their poll on how its service impacts dating habits. Using data pulled from over 1,000 Americans aged 18-39, their stats show we can be judgy lil’ stinkers when it comes to viewing preferences.

25% of people surveyed found that they considered a person more attractive based on the programs they watched, a phenomenon Netflix has dubbed “show goggles.” We’re also a bit fussy when it comes to show compatibility. 27% of the persons surveyed “insisted” that show compatibility is important and 58% of respondents fessed up to adding movies and TV shows to profile to attract a potential suitor.

It’s not just the introductory portion of a relationship that our Netflix needs have melted into. The streaming service now has the mystique of saying something about the seriousness of your partnership. It turns out 51% of those polled considered sharing your Netflix password to be a signifier that the relationship is serious. Passwords don’t come easy, mind you. 17% of users won’t even share their code unless an engagement’s been locked in. Who says romance is dead?

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