Netflix Heard The Plea From ‘SNL’ And Created An Actual, For Real ‘ShortAssMovies’ Category

After seeing Pete Davidson and Gunna team up for the “Short-Ass Movies” sketch on Saturday Night Live, which hilariously complained about movies having insanely long runtimes, Netflix decided the whole thing was a “good idea.” While quote-tweeting the now-viral sketch starring Davidson, Gunn, Chris Redd (and a solid cameo by Simon Rex), the streaming giant shared a link to its new “ShortAssMovies” category, which features 90-minute films like Zoolander and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

In the sketch, Davidson, Gunna, and Chris Redd rap about how they just want to sit down and watch “short-ass movies” as the sketch runs through a freaking cornucopia of 90-minute films, including the Ernest movies, which is where Rex comes in. (The guy is practically a dead-ringer for the late Jim Varney.) Naturally, the sketch also takes a shot at Davidson for starring in The King of Staten Island, a film that ran for two hours and 17 minutes. Whoops. There’s also plenty of digs at The Batman for its nearly three-hour runtime.

Of course, keeping movies under two hours long has been a cause that Uproxx’s own Brian Grubb has championed for years. In fact, Grubb is so hell-bent on keeping runtimes tight, that he extended his argument to sporting events, and well, pretty much everything.

“Something needs to change,” Grubb wrote in 2018. “Your time is too valuable for these goons to just be taking it all up like this. We need a rule. A hard limit.”

Netflix has heard your cry, Brian. Rest your head, wearied defender of precious time.

(Via Netflix Is A Joke on Twitter)