‘No Time To Die’ Star Ana De Armas Wants Paul Mescal To Be The Next James Bond

There should be a line of succession when it comes to selecting the next James Bond. The current James Bond gets the first pick, but if that’s too much pressure (and because he’s busy being silly), he can decline and the responsibility goes to the most recent movie’s Bond Girl. The closest thing No Time to Die had to a Bond Girl was Ana de Armas, who a) was great, and b) has a solid nomination for who should replace Daniel Craig as 007.

“Do you have someone you’d want to be the next Bond?” an interviewer for Wired asked de Armas and her Ghosted co-star Chris Evans in a recent video. “I’ll do it,” Captain America answered. When de Armas wondered if he was serious, he replied, “I thought you were going to say the next Bond girl. The joke would’ve been funnier then. Then you just said Bond.” Then de Armas offered her choice: “I think Paul Mescal should be the one.” Evans is “a big Aaron Taylor-Johnson guy,” but conceded Mescal is “great.”

If Mescal is named the next James Bond (although he might be too young and too famous), maybe he can also do the theme song. That’ll save some money.

(Via Screenrant and Wired)