Nick Jonas Is In Talks To Run Away From Jungle Animals In The ‘Jumanji’ Reboot

So he’ll be in the Kirsten Dunst role, we presume? The adorable wide-eyed skeptic who can’t believe a board game is truly attacking the real world until he’s forced to fend off a humongous Rhino in order to stay alive. Nick Jonas, who has received acting props for his roles on Kingdom and in the upcoming indie drama Goat, might be steering his career back into family-friendly fare with a role in the Jumanji reboot due out next year. The Rock has already been confirmed as the lead, “replacing” Robin Williams in the part in only the most professionally straight-forward sense of the word.

Besides the already announced Kevin Hart and Jack Black, most casting on the new movie hasn’t been announced, but with filming due to begin with a month’s time and the projected release date set for July 2017, it stands to reason that more official casting announcements are around the bend. If the updated version of the movie is anything like the original Bonnie Hunt/Robin Williams classic then there are at least a few more kids’ roles to be cast and probably a villain or two as well. An easy move would be to cast Bebe Neuwirth as the same character since she hasn’t aged a day since the 90’s anyway.

(via Variety)