Nicolas Cage Will Star In Larry Charles’ Comedy About Hunting Osama Bin Laden

If you had January 21, 2015, as the first time Nicolas Cage, Osama Bin Laden, and the guy who directed Borat would appear in the same sentence together, well, you’re in luck (or you’ve come from the future to warn everyone this is a horrible idea): “Nicolas Cage to Star in Osama Bin Laden Satire From Borat Director.” That would be Seinfeld writer Larry Charles, Rick Rubin’s spiritual brother who also directed the similarly wonky Masked and Anonymous.

Borat director Larry Charles is back in action with Army of One, a satirical comedy…starring Nicolas Cage as a regular guy who searches for Osama Bin Laden.

Army of One is loosely based on Chris Heath’s GQ article recounting the real-life misadventures of Gary Faulkner, a Colorado construction worker who took it upon himself to find Bin Laden, including trying to sneak into Pakistan and Afghanistan numerous times. (Via)

Spoiler alert: despite being found “by the Pakistani police…carrying a pistol, a knife, night-vision goggles, a night-vision camera, religious literature on Christianity, and a samurai sword,” Faulkner never found Bin Laden, but he was arrested in Colorado for possession of a firearm.

It’s the part Cage — who can add another hairstyle to his portfolio — was born* to play.

*This assumes Cage was born, and not created in a lab by iguana scientists

Via The Hollywood Reporter