Nicole Kidman’s Former Skydiving Feats With Tom Cruise Sound Absolutely Unbelievable

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With Mission: Impossible – Fallout about to hit DVD, we recently heard some behind-the-scenes chatter about how the cast feared the worst when Tom Cruise shot the climactic helicopter scene. Now with the impending arrival of multiple Nicole Kidman movies, including the blockbuster-y Aquaman and awards-baity Destroyer, the former Cruise spouse’s own daredevil feats are surfacing from the ether. Naturally, the one we’re hearing about today actually involves Cruise as a co-participant, and the story’s almost unbelievable.

In an extensive Variety profile, some odd subjects come up, like Kidman detailing how Lars Von Trier would only enter hotel rooms through windows while shooting Dogwood. The strangest piece of information, however, comes from Kidman’s Australia co-star, Hugh Jackman, who tells the publication that Kidman once skydived “six times” in one day with Cruise. For her part, Kidman does not deny the alleged frequency and happily chats about the experience:

Jackman tells a story about how she’s always been a daredevil in her personal life. “Did you know she can jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet?” he says. “I think one day she did it like six times. She and Tom used to do it. She loved it.” Not always. Kidman says she was struck with terror as she plummeted to Earth. “That’s the crux of my personality,” she says. “Standing there, just going, ‘I want to,’ and then ‘Oh, no, no, no’ and just jumping anyway.”

It’s always the quiet ones, right? Not to mention Cruise’s apparent habit of coaxing people to jump out of planes with him. Late-night host James Corden did so this past summer during a Cruise media blitz, but Kidman taking the plunge half a dozen times in one go is simply wild. She also tells Variety how the paparazzi didn’t follow her as much back in the day as they do now, so perhaps that’s why this story could be concealed until Jackman opened up. You can read Kidman’s full profile here.

(Via Variety)